Book Review: “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 5/5

“To the stars who listen – and the dreams that are answered.” ~Rhysand, A Court of Mist and Fury

As many of you all already know, I was both excited and anxious to start reading A Court of Mist and Fury after finishing A Court of Thorns and Roses (the first novel in this series) a few weeks ago. I had really, really enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses; but, I worried that A Court of Mist and Fury would not live up to my high expectations. I usually feel as though the second book in a series isn’t as strong as the first one, which often taints my perspective of the series as a whole. However, A Court of Mist and Fury isn’t just good – it is exceptional. I loved it even more than A Court of Thorns and Roses.

A Court of Mist and Fury is a lot more fast-paced than its prequel, which I personally liked. In addition, Feyre is involved in all the action scenes, and I really like the message this book sends about strong, independent young women. There also isn’t much of Tamlin in this novel, which is a relief (you can check out my review and character discussion for A Court of Thorns and Roses here. I go into detail about my favorite and least favorite characters). I personally didn’t like Tamlin’s overprotective character and tendency to view humans as objects; therefore, I was pleased when Feyre decided to ally with Rhysand, who treats her like the brave and capable person she is, giving her freedom while genuinely looking out for her well-being.

The stark contrast between the way Tamlin and Rhysand treat their friends in this novel also caused me to lose all respect for Tamlin and revere Rhysand. While Tamlin and Lucien are really close, there is a limit to where their friendship extends. Tamlin often bosses Lucien around, giving little to no value to his opinions. Rhysand, on the other hand, cares for his “Inner Circle” like family. His love for them is clearly shown, and he will go to any length to protect them and his people, even if that requires risking his own life. My favorite parts about this novel are the fictional city of Velaris in the Night Court and Rhysand’s Inner Circle, which consists of the four people closest to him – his courageous cousin Mor, his powerful Second-in-Command Amren, his cold and withdrawn spy Azriel, and his fiery army leader Cassian. I fell in love with these characters almost instantly after they were introduced, and their relationships and dynamics were highly entertaining and deeply moving throughout Feyre’s journey as she becomes comfortable with this group.

Of course, Sarah J. Maas never fails to stun me with her well-written endings, and this one has me wondering how I’ll be able to wait until 2017 for the next installment in the series! I hope to see more of Lucien (who I sincerely hope will choose his friendship with Feyre over his alliance with Tamlin) and Feyre’s sisters in the next book. All in all, the storyline of A Court of Mist and Fury is breathtaking and will not fail to please!



35 thoughts on “Book Review: “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

  1. So glad you loved this! ❤ I was also nervous to start ACOMAF because the possibility of love triangle?? Haha I really don't like that trope :') but it was totally amazing! I loved and enjoyed Feyre's character development so much and Rhys' inner circle is my squad goals! Mor and Az though ❤ I also thought that Sarah's writing has improved a great deal since ACOTAR and Qyeen of Shadows.

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    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve said! I’ve found recently that many heroines in YA series fail to develop from one book to the next, but Feyre’s growth is outstanding. I also thought it was insightful of Maas to portray Az as “ice” and Cassian as “fire”… yes, Mor and Az are perfect!! Honestly, if her writing keeps improving at this rate, I can’t wait imagine what she has in store for us in 3rd book. I have high expectations!❤

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        1. Feyre’s PTSD definitely made her a more realistic and likable character, more than if she had just magically bounced back from all the tragedy in ACOTAR. I can’t stand Tamlin, but I have a feeling he’ll have a bigger role in book 3 than he did in ACOMAF (unfortunately). Yes, Amren is definitely a little scary, but she also has a kind heart, which I loved. xx

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          1. What are they even gonna write if Feyre just magically bounced back?? There would be no ACOMAF I guess hahaha 😛 well I still wish for something like a redemption for Tamlin though, he’s actually got some kindness in him, only overshadow by his needs to dominate people!

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  2. I LOVE Sarah J Mass’ books amd every time I think the sequel won’t be as good, it’s even better. And I’ve been fascinated with Rhysand since ACOTAR (and never really liked Tamlin) but after this book have completely and hopelessly fallen for Rhysand. And can you BELIEVE that Cliffhanger? Ughhh.

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